D.O.T. Code Liquid Vacuum Truck: Out-Of-The-Norm Questions To Ask

Posted on: 11 November 2022

D.O.T. code liquid vacuum trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that are used to transport liquids, sludges, and other materials from one location to another. They are equipped with a tank that has a D.O.T. code, which indicates the type of materials that can be transported in the tank.

Before you purchase a D.O.T. code liquid vacuum truck, it is important to ask the following questions.

What Is the Capacity of the Tank?

The capacity of the tank will determine how much liquid the truck can carry. This is an important consideration, especially if you will be using the truck to transport large quantities of liquid.

Weight limitations are another aspect you need to consider. The truck must be able to safely transport the liquids without exceeding the weight limit.

Make sure to ask about the maximum capacity of the tank and the weight of liquids that can be transported in it. You should also enquire about the vacuum tank's construction to ensure that it can handle the weight and nature of materials you intend to transport.

For example, if you will be transporting corrosive or high-density liquids, you need a tank made from corrosion-resistant materials with a sound structure that can withstand high pressure.

What Is the Pumping Rate?

The pumping rate will determine how quickly the truck can pump the stored liquids. This is an important consideration if you need to transport large quantities of liquid in a short period of time. It also impacts the truck's overall performance, so you want to ensure that it can handle the pumping rate you require.

Inquire about the truck's maximum pumping rate and find out if it can handle the volume of liquid you need to transport. You should also ask about the suction capacity if you will need that metric for your work.

What Are the Safety Features?

Safety is always a top priority, especially when you are transporting liquids. D.O.T. code liquid vacuum trucks are equipped with several safety features, such as pressure relief valves and safety shut-off valves.

Pressure relief valves help to prevent the tank from exploding if the pressure gets too high. Safety shut-off valves automatically stop the flow of liquid if there is a leak or a sudden surge from the tank.

Make sure to ask about all the safety features included in the D.O.T. code liquid vacuum truck. Find out how they work and what maintenance requirements they have. You want to be sure that the truck you purchase is equipped with all the latest safety features to protect you, your workers, and the environment. For more information, contact a company like Global Vacuum Systems.