Feasibility Check: Renting Vs. Buying Scaffolding

Posted on: 2 June 2022

Scaffolding is a temporary structure that gives workers a stable platform to stand on so that they can work in high or hard-to-reach places. Companies needing scaffolding for short-term projects lasting under three months or for periodic use should consider renting over purchasing it. The transport logistics, as well as the time and cost of setting up short-term scaffolding, make renting a more feasible option.

More Reasons to Rent Scaffolding

Time frame notwithstanding, renting makes sense if you need to make a space ready for routine inspections, as those don't typically happen but once every few years, depending on company protocols. Other reasons to consider renting include:

Having a professional company set up rental scaffolding ensures worker safety, quality material provision by the company, and easy removal when your project is finished.

Reasons to Buy Instead of Renting Scaffolding

You may still want to hire a professional company to build your scaffolding if you decide that it is more feasible to purchase it than rent it. Reasons to buy include needing a permanent structure or if your company has a routine, long-term project that needs scaffolding. Long-term projects are generally defined as exceeding three months.

  • Worker heights don't exceed 20 feet
  • Scaffolding surface elevation is stable and level
  • Company personnel can erect and dismantle scaffolding as needed

Although hiring a professional company to set up a purchased scaffold can save your company time, safety, and logistical challenges, if your company already has a safety program in place and knowledgeable personnel to transport and erect the scaffolding, it may be more feasible for your company to buy and DIY.

The Ultimate Decision to Rent or Buy

Whether you decide to rent or to purchase scaffolding depends on many factors as noted above. Run a feasibility check. Can your company absorb the cost and downtime of setting up scaffolding? What about dismantling it? Do you have a safety plan in place and trained personnel to administer it?

Scaffolding helps provide access, safety, and efficiency for company projects, whether they are long-term or short-term. Purchasing scaffolding may seem more cost-efficient at first glance; but unless you are certain that you are going to use it regularly for projects, renting from a professional company can take the burden of transporting, erecting, and later dismantling, off your company while reducing costs and downtime.