Using Precast Blocks With Your Solar Panel System

Posted on: 7 June 2021

Solar panels are a modern way of reducing the energy costs of your home. However, these sophisticated systems will need to utilize some relatively basic components. In particular, precast blocks can be integral for the installation of solar panels.

Effectively Anchor The Solar Panels In Place

The large size of solar panels can make them vulnerable to being moved during strong winds. Even slight changes to the positioning of the solar panels can be enough to cause a major decrease in the performance of the panels as this can alter the angle at which sunlight hits the panels. The use of precast blocks can be an option for effectively anchoring these panels in place so that they will not move during periods of strong winds.

Reduce The Visual Impact The Blocks Have

While it is important to make sure that the solar panels that you are installing on your home are securely anchored in place, it is understandable to want to reduce the visual impacts that these anchors will have on the property. Solar precast blocks can be made to have a low profile, which can make them an excellent solution if you want to avoid having very noticeable concrete blocks on your property. In some cases, these blocks can be designed to be partially buried. This can make them much more difficult to see while still being able to act as a foundation for the solar panels.

Avoid The Need To Cure Concrete

If you attempt to pour a concrete foundation or blocks for your solar panels on your own, you will be faced with the need to wait for the concrete to fully cure before the panels can be attached to it. Otherwise, the weight and stress of attaching the panels could be enough to cause the concrete to split. Choosing to purchase solar precast blocks for this project will allow you to avoid the need to wait up to several weeks before these blocks can be cured enough to have the panels attached. Furthermore, the costs of these blocks will only be slightly more than the costs involved with attempting to form the blocks on your own.

Properly anchoring your new solar panels will be critical for keeping these panels safe from some of the challenges that strong winds can pose. Knowing that solar precast blocks will be able to effectively anchor the panels while minimizing the visual impacts that they can have and sparing you from needing to wait for the concrete to cure.

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