What Happens To Recycled Engine Oil?

Posted on: 2 March 2018

When you are in the manufacturing or construction business, engine oil for all the engines that you use on a daily basis is a vital supply, but when its purpose has been served, the oil is drained and recycled. Regardless of the type of business you have, you are bound to wonder just what happens to this oil when it is recycled. The truth is, recycled engine oil finds new life in all kinds of new places and ways. Here is a look at some of the most common things that happen to the engine oil you send off to the recycling center. 

The engine oil may be used for home heating. 

Once the engine oil has been refined and cleaned of impurities, it may be used as a base for home heating oil. Even though heating oil is still one of the lesser common forms of home heating, it is still in high demand. In order to keep prices for home heating oil low, many distributors make use of recycled petroleum products to formulate usable oil. The oil is often mixed with other petroleum compounds to create the end product, but recycled engine oil is one of the primary components. 

The engine oil may be used to create plastic products.

Plastic is a product that many consumers do not realize contains petroleum. From plastic automobile components to the plastic products you have in the house, many of these items have petroleum components, and there is always a need for used engine oil in the plastics industry. Utilizing used engine oil helps save money on production costs, but is also a way for manufacturers to take part in environmentally friendly processes since it's unsafe for the used engine oil to simply be disposed of. 

The engine oil may be used to make other lubricants. 

Even though used engine oil cannot technically be used to create new engine oil, it can be used to create other forms of lubricant. For example, if you pick up a heavy grease lubricant to grease the moving parts on your machinery, there is always a chance that it contains some recycled engine oil. Once the used engine oil has been filtered and properly cleaned, it is still a slick, lubricating substance that can be used as a stand-alone lubricant or mixed with other agents to change the compound for thicker forms of lubricant for all kinds of purposes. 

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