Get A Handle On The Shipping And Receiving Department That You Oversee

Posted on: 16 January 2018

If you oversee a shipping and receiving department at a computer warehouse and lately some of your staff members have been handling shipments in a rough manner, resulting in damage to materials, make changes in the way that you run operations by following the guidelines described below. Once your employees have been redirected and complete job duties in a uniform manner, materials needed to complete job duties will readily be available and workers can finish tasks without being hindered.

Purchase Additional Equipment And Keep It In A Designated Area

Inspect the equipment that your employees currently use to transport items from the dock leading to the shipping receiving department. If workers use hand trucks or carts to move the vast majority of shipments, each piece of equipment should have wheels and axles that are clean and rust-free.

If you do not have enough equipment on hand for crew members to use and one or more people usually need to wait to complete job duties and often try to lift large packages instead of transporting them with a hand truck or cart, purchase addtiional hand trucks and carts. Place hand trucks and carts next to the door leading to the dock and tell your employees that you expect them to keep equipment in the designated area when it is not being used. 

Delegate Job Responsibilities On A Daily Basis

Before each work shift, look over orders that are expected to arrive to determine how many materials will need to be unoaded that day. Take into account the number of packages that will be shipped from the facility as well. Delegate job responsibilities based on your findings. When crew members arrive for the day, let them know what tasks you expect them to complete. Handling job responsibilities in this manner will ensure that all tasks are completed on time and will eliminate confusion concerning what each person is expected to do each day. 

Hire An Assistant And Monitor Workers

If you find that you are often swamped with job-related tasks and cannot find the time to focus on what your workers are doing at various times, hiring an assistant will reduce the amount of work that you are faced with and will allow you to acquire information concerning how your workers are doing.

Let the assistant know that you would like them to walk around the shipping and receiving department and observe employees. If the assistant notices that someone is cutting corners or isn't doing their job as well as they should, the assistant can speak with the person and tell them the changes that need to be made. Visit a site like for more help.