Should You Be Using Fiberglass Scaffolding?

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Whether you're painting the siding on your old house or trying to rewire an upper floor, scaffolding allows you to reach various heights and remain safe enough to do your work. An initial instinct to use aluminum scaffolding can be tempting, but before buying aluminum models, you might consider fiberglass instead. Fiberglass works in a similar fashion, but provides the following benefits that you should check out.


One major benefit of fiberglass is its weight. Whether you're going to be doing many projects or just have one project that requires multiple scaffolding platforms, aluminum scaffolding can be tough to carry and erect. By contrast, you'll find that fiberglass isn't as weighty and bulky as aluminum or another metal. It feels lighter and therefore can be transported around without difficulty. Because of its lighter weight and ease of movement, you may purchase more scaffolding so you can get projects done faster.

Lack of Conductivity

Aluminum isn't always the best idea if you're planning electrical repairs or other work. That's because aluminum is an excellent conductor of electricity. That can lead to injuries and other problems should a spark or charge hit it. Fiberglass isn't metal, so it won't conduct any electrical charges. That can keep you as safe as possible and allow you to complete many projects that you wouldn't be able to otherwise because you didn't have proper equipment.

Even if your project has nothing to do with electricity, it can be a relief to know that if you place your hand on any part of the scaffolding during a scorching hot day, you won't have to recoil with pain. The fiberglass material won't absorb much heat from the sun and start heating up, unlike scaffolding made from metals.

Resistance to Corrosion

Unlike metals, one thing you don't have to worry about when you've got fiberglass scaffolding is that it will rust over. Metal can oxidize and react with the environment to begin rusting and becoming discolored, while fiberglass maintains its looks for long periods.Corrosion can ruin metal and ultimately make the scaffolding unsafe to use. Fiberglass, on the other hand, will keep standing and working well.

Fiberglass scaffolding can be valuable for home projects of all kinds and for other work too. Talking about your project and needs with retailers like Advanced Scaffold Solutions can enable you to get some feedback and make good decisions about the scaffolding to use.