Key Facts About Home Heating Oil That Every Prospective Homeowner Needs To Know

Posted on: 22 August 2017

If you are shopping for a new home and one or more of the properties you are interested in uses oil as its source of heat, you are likely to have a few questions about its use. Given that just 8% of homes in the U.S. use oil heat today, many new homeowners are accessing it for the first time. Fortunately, that number is not related to quality issues but is often due to cheap gas prices many years ago and tax credits that inspired a switch to the other fuel. Therefore, every prospective homeowner who might use oil in that home will benefit from the information shared below:

#1-Home Heating Oil Is Dyed Red For Tax Purposes

When you see the heating oil and its red hue for the first time, it's easy to think that it is not like any fuel you've seen before. The truth is that it is very similar to diesel and although you should not do so regularly, in a pinch you can use diesel fuel as a short-term replacement for your heating oil. That is not a benefit you can expect from natural gas or electricity if an outage occurs next winter.   

However, the red dye exists to differentiate between heating oil and other forms of oil or fuel. That color means that you are not subject to the same taxes you would be otherwise. It is important to remember that the product you use to heat your home can only be as safe and appropriate for use as its furnace permits it to be, as discussed next.

#2-Consider The Furnace That Will Use Your Oil

It's pretty obvious that the purchase of a new furnace is not going to be cheap, so it only makes sense that you will want a unit that will last for as long as possible. Fortunately, assuming that adequate maintenance is provided and the furnace is used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation, an oil furnace can be expected to last up to 30 years.  It is also known to provide more heat per unit of energy than other heating fuels.    

Since it is already in the home, you should plan to check on the dates of manufacture and installation and adjust your timetable accordingly. In addition, it's a good idea to check on the status of the furnace when the home is inspected, so that you do not get any unpleasant and cold surprises a few months down the road.    

In conclusion, home heating oil is a viable and reliable way to heat your new home. As a result, the above facts will be quite useful to you if you are unsure as to its use in a home you might buy. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.