Inspection And Maintenance Of Your Spring-Loaded Mechanical Loading Dock

Posted on: 19 August 2017

If your company just moved to a different warehouse that has a spring-loaded mechanic loading dock used to load trucks, then it's important you understand how to inspect and maintain it. Thankfully, mechanical docks are fairly simple machines that rarely need much maintenance. However, since a malfunctioning loading dock can cause serious injury or death, regular inspections and maintenance are required.

If you have never inspected or maintained a loading dock before, here is an overview of the process:

Use the Stationary Maintenance Strut

To safely inspect the lift gate, you first need to install the maintenance strut. Just as the prop rod on your car's hood protects your head while you work on your car, the maintenance strut serves as a brace against the accidental closure of the lift gate while you are working underneath it.

Inspect the Lift Gate's Parts

Once the lift gate is safely propped open, then you can easily see all of its various moving parts. Take a moment to inspect the decking and the front hinged plate, known as the lip. Attached to the gate are the hold-down assembly, the release pull chain, and the lip extender assembly. Visually inspect each part for damage. Any bolts present that are not attached to a spring-loaded part can be tightened using a wrench or socket.

Check the Hold-Down Assembly

As the name implies, the hold-down assembly of the lift gate is used to hold the gate in the downward position. It has a pull chain that releases the assembly and makes the gate go up in the air. Check the assembly and chain to make sure they are both in working order.

Tighten the Lip Extender

Don't forget to inspect and tighten the lip extender's connections. As the gate is placed in the upward position so a truck's trailer can be backed up under it, the lip will fly up from the upward forces. Holding the lip in place is the lip extender. On each side of the lip are springs attached to shock absorbers bolted to the lip extender. Make sure all of the bolts are tightened and check all of the parts for damage.

Enlist the Help of a Mobile Lift Gate Repair Professional

Finally, if you discover any damage to the lift gate or issues with the spring-loaded parts while you are adjusting the unit, then you must have it inspected and repaired by a mobile lift gate repair professional. Spring-loaded parts are dangerous and should only be serviced by someone trained and licensed to perform such work.

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