The Benefits Of An ESD Table Mat

Posted on: 13 August 2017

An electrostatic discharge mat, or ESD mat, can be used by companies or individuals that put together electronic items. These mats are typically made of VOC rubber and can be placed on top of work tables or spaces where the electronic items are soldered together or put together by hand. If this is something you are considering, you may be interested in learning the benefits of these mats. Here are three benefits of ESD table mats:

Helps Prevent Static Electricity

One of the biggest benefits to an ESD table mat is that it helps to prevent static electricity. Many electrical items can be damaged by static electricity, especially sensitive ones like computer parts or electronic chips. However, static electricity may naturally be found on wood or metal tables. A rubber ESD mat helps to neutralize this electricity, ensuring that your item is not damaged by a sudden static electricity shock. 

Protects Your Work Surface

Another benefit to an ESD table mat is that it helps to protect your work surface. When you are putting together electronic items, you often solder pieces together. This involves using heat and hot metal. The heat can burn a wood table or scar a metal one. And dripping metal can quickly cool on your surface, leaving behind imperfections. A mat helps to protect the surface of the table you are working on, ensuring you do not do permanent damage to your work space. The mat is designed to withstand the high heat and last, but if it does get damaged, it can be replaced. 

Controls Fumes, Smoke, and Dust

The last benefit to an ESD table mat is that it helps to control fumes, smoke and dust. The mat features a three layer system that absorbs the heat, smoke, metal fumes, and residue that comes off as you solder and work on electronic items. This helps to keep the air as clean as possible in your work space. This is important not only for your lungs, but as because it helps to minimize the dust that lands on the electronic item you are building. Tiny electronic items can be harmed by dust or metal particles, so keeping them out of the air is important. 

If you put together computer parts at home or own a company where tiny electric items are put together by hand, these mats may be beneficial. They help to prevent static electricity, protect your work surface and control fumes, smoke and dust.